Grace, Observations from a Pew



Today is a special day. I sit in the sanctuary, a spectator and partaker of His amazing grace. These are my observations from a pew.

 A Young Mother

A young mother struggles with her fussy toddler. He watches as his own 3-year-old skips with her friend around the pew. The Spirit of the Lord has filled this tiny church, and the children have much freedom here.
The mother tries to calm her baby, but she continues to fuss.  A young man reaches for his neighbor’s baby while gathering his own little girl and gently leads them to a side room. With a grateful smile of relief, the young mother gains a few minutes of uninterrupted praise and worship. A loving daddy, a good neighbor, a man of God. Thank you, Lord, he is my son in law, and I am so proud of him.



She Worships, She Believes

The worship service was amazing today. On the praise team, is a younger, better version of myself. With a voice of an angel, the young woman sings praises to the God of her youth, and the God of her future. Her hands are raised to heaven as she breathes in the Holy Spirit, and exhales confidence in a faith that will sustain her for a lifetime. She believes. She is my daughter, and I am so proud of her.


A Profession of Faith

A young woman, just barely old enough to take on the world, waits in the baptistry, as the pastor welcomes her to the family of God. She is full of smiles and promise, and is happy to announce her profession of faith to the whole world. While there is a fresh washing away of a younger, earlier life,  there is revealed a clean slate for her new journey and there is grace. She is happy and ready, she is my daughter, and I am so proud of her.

Prayers of a Child

Another young girl stands, watching as the sick, troubled, and worried make their way to the front. Pastors and teachers meet them at the altar to offer prayers of hope, healing, and peace. For her, the struggle is real, but not too big for her God. She stands in place and asks for prayers, not for herself, but for a blanket of hope and healing to wrap her momma. The girl is encouraged because she knows God hears the prayers of children. She is my granddaughter, and I am so proud of her.

They Came to Cheer

An elderly couple makes their way to the little country church. They’ve come to cheer on their grandchildren. He walks slow, helping her to her seat and takes the seat beside his bride. He watches as his tiny granddaughter makes her way around the sanctuary, hugging, getting her usual Sunday treats as she melts the hearts of old men. An awesome husband and Poppa and I am so blessed to call him Daddy.
His wife sits watching her family, praising, worshiping, and loving her God. She quietly wipes her tears of joy, knowing she has done a good job.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.   Proverbs 22.6

God’s word never returns void…she knew, and made sure we heard it. Because of her, we will all find our way home. She is my Momma, and I am blessed.

I Call it Grace

As I sit and witness God’s handiwork, I count as grace, my observations from a pew.

Grace is God giving the greatest treasures to the least deserving”



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