Welcome to Grace for a Gypsy!


Welcome to Grace for a Gypsy

Welcome to Grace for a Gypsy, my little online space. I launched this blog as a community for grace seekers, RVing Empty nesters, aspiring family historians, and crafty do-it-yourselfers. If you are interested in learning about natural wellness, and non-toxic living, using Essential Oils, and nutrition, then I have some information to share with you. Feel free to browse my categories and join in my daily journey.


Truth and Grace

God’s amazing grace is revealed to us in extraordinary ways. Life is hard, and busy, pulling us in every direction. In a world where many of us struggle to keep our noses above water, there is hope. Hope for a better day, a better way. In spite of our struggles, we can find a hope that will sustain us. He is our hope, our comfort, our refuge. Above all, we can know that God’s grace is sufficient. Join me as I learn to recognize His grace in action in my own life.


The RV Life

I am an empty nesting RVer, traveling this great land with my husband following his work. This lifestyle feeds my Grace for a Gypsy spirit!  We get to visit so many beautiful places, and no matter where we land, there is an adventure close by.  You can find us exploring dirt roads, sandy beaches and everything in between. It is my hope to introduce you to new places as I share our experiences through story and photographs, and from time to time,  I will also include articles with tips for successful RV living, including RV storage, RV remodeling, decorating, and the RV lifestyle in general. Click here for the latest posts in RV Living.

The Chronic Crafter

Do you eat, sleep and dream of DIY projects? Are you a chronic crafter? Does creativity flow through your veins? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then we may be kindred spirits. With this in mind, you can learn with me how to string, paint, glue, and glitter for the purpose of creating beautiful things!


You can join me on my journey to a healthier way of living. Many chemicals are found in our bodies that we have unknowingly been exposed to.  Join me as I embark on this “non-toxic lifestyle”,  and research evidence based natural remedies. We will learn about essential oils, superfoods, and my favorite wellness products. When you know better, you do better. I want to do better.


Knowing our family histories give us a sense of belonging. It gives us roots. Where do we come from? Who were our ancestors? If you are interested in learning more about genealogy and how to search for your ancestors, then hang out with me.   I will show you how to get started with tips for searching for your own ancestors, and how to use different records to find the missing links in your family tree.

Kick back, sit with me for a while, and together let’s find some joy for the journey.

If you are interested in learning more of my story, click here!